Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Monti Caloreena Foosball Challenge 2002 - Part 3

The organising committee: Teik Eng, Shaul, Raymond, Jack, Cyrus and June. Peitro was somewhere in Kuching.... but the very next day, he flew in just in time for his game... admirable!!

Edmund throwing a question at Cyrus.

A friendly match.

A photo of the main dude behind this tournament, Walter. He is the dude in black, sitting down next to Cyrus.

A bird's eye photo of Monti Caloreena.

Ah... a better shot of Walter having a discussion with Cyrus.

A friendly match between Jana and Edmund.

Jerry and Han versus Simon and Alan in a friendly.

Another shot of the friendly between Jana and Edmund.

A photo taken from the stage.

Another shot of Michael and Azlan versus Bobby and Shaul.

Edwin and Edmund versus Peter and Joshua... I think..