Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Expressions Open 2003 and VIFA World's Championship Singles Selection

Jana and Ng Eu Hock versus Mike Tan and Lim Yen Seng fighting for 2nd or 3rd placing in the Open Doubles.

Veteran Kenny Lee as strong as ever!

Ray Ng with the score card ready for his next game.

Veteran CM Mak deep in concentration in the Worlds Selection single game.

Patricia weaving her foos magic...

The Trekkie is excited!!

And the lunch goes to..... Mr Jana!!! Speech! Speech! LOL...

Sean P'ng, Danny Boy, Ben Neo and Leo taking a break.

Sean Yeap talking to the table as usual.... LOL...

Ray Ng setting Junior up for the next pix...

There... that's sportsmanship... dude.

Weng Yee and Ray, a pix for posterity. Little do they know that Junior wants a piece of it as well... way to go Junior... LOL.

The ladies whom have been providing us with the score cards, change and updates. Thanks!!

Sean Yeap and Oliver Yong resting in the corner of the tournament area.

Mike Tan, Edwin Ng and Ryan Felix in a Lowen doubles game.

Taking a break, Sean P'ng, June, Vivian and Lim Yen Seng.

The tournament area.

Another view of the tournament area.

The organiser, Jimmy Lim, getting the trophies ready.

The trophies and prize giving area.

Another view of the trophies.

Another close-up view of the trophies.

Photo credits: Sara Siow. Thanks for the photos Sara. We really appreciate it... :-)


Lowen Singles
1st  - Shaul Maricar
2nd - Shaun P'ng
3rd - Jack Hii

Lowen Doubles
1st  - Shaul Maricar/CM Mak
2nd - Gobinath/Edgar Phang
3rd - Edwin Ng/Michael Tan

Tornado Singles
1st  - Shaun P'ng
2nd - Raymond Kan
3rd - Michael Tan

Tornado Doubles
1st  - Edwin Ng/Shaun P'ng
2nd - Ng Eu Hock/Janathan
3rd - Michael Tan/Lim Yen Seng

Tornado Mixed Doubles
1st  - Edwin Ng/Nina
2nd - Mawar/Bobby Tham
3rd - Pietro Feix/Joanne Seaton

Tornado Team Event
1st  - CM Mak, Kenny Lee, David Hogan Junior and Ng Eu Hock
2nd - Edgar Phan, Lim Chia Soo, Shaun Lung and Chris Geh
3rd - Cheong Heng Ho, Albert Cheok, Sean Yeap and Raymond Kan

World's Singles Selection
1st  - Ng Eu Hock (Dallas, Texas)
2nd - Michael Lee (Dallas, Texas)
3rd - Adil Sayeed
4th - Jack Hii