Wednesday, May 23, 2001

FM Players Championship April 2001 Babes

The elegant Mrs. Mak posing from the bar.

Our Malaysia Women Champion Aunnie Teh.

Janet showing us how to defend.

June and Lee Sze.

You can look at them but too bad they are not available anymore!! Cheryl and Aunnie...

A fooser from Johor

Joanne in defense mode.

Miss Junko From Japan... waiting for anyone who dare to play a game or two of poker with her!!

Photos credits: Edmond, Simon and Cheong

FM Players Championship April 2001 - Part 3

Mr. Cool Bobby Tham take on Nasu san from Japan.

Strategy discussion !!shhhh.......

Boozing Time!!!

Open Doubles final. Miqdad@Macdaddy and Ali@Popeye vs Our Malaysia Best pair Shaun P'ng@Japanese gal and Ng Eng Hwai@Old Man (Check out our best hairstyle player in the tournament, Jock)

Foosers from Penang..... From Left up, Khoo Teng Boon, Paul, Joel (check out the grips, is it for sale Joel?), Nick, Shaun Boy and sesat from Negeri Sembilan Bobby Tham.

Paul trying his luck on Junko.....

From Left, McDaddy(Miqdad), Cyrus the Virus, Ricky Ong Poh Seng, Paul, Jerry, Amoodi and ermmm.... is it Hilal or something...sorry!!

Check out Thomas' t-shirt (for your information it is for sale, interested please contact Thomas)

Photo credits: Edmond. Simon, Cheong and Paul.

FM Players Championship April 2001 - Part 2

Sean Yeap sucking on ice during his break... and guess who is watching from behind... Mohan lah... LOL!!

Oops not ready... Joe Ueno and Shaun P'ng getting ready for a pix.

Now they are ready!!!

From left: Simon Lim interviewing Jimmy of Breakers and Link Pendley of Valley Dynamo paused for a photo shoot.

Lovely couple... Cheryl and Alex Hing.

Another lovely couple, Mr and Mrs Mak with cool dude Joooeeeellll.

Lim Yen Seng taking a break on one of the couch...

Then he's up and foosing with fisherman Ray Ng.

Photo credits: Edmond, Simon and Cheong.

FM Players Championship April 2001 - Part 1

A Japanese friend having fun game.

Link Pendley, Valley Dynamo Vice President of International Sales, providing a briefing on the up coming VIFA foosball league to be held in Malaysia. More about VIFA league later... :-)

From left: Ah Boy, Junior, Thomas, Jeanie Mak (?) and CM Mak

Bunch of foosers from left: Cheong, Ken Wayne, Jack, Mohan, Ah Sou, Simon, Ray, Edwin and Raymond.

Mohan and Ah Boy waiting for their next match.

The dynamic duo, Terry Mak and Kenny Heng.

Cheryl and cool dude Thomas Lok.

Mohan again, with Kelvin Heng@ Magic.

Alamak! Mohan yet again but this time with Oliver Yong.

From left: Jana the Magnificient, Who is this, Edwin in red, Name of this friend?... and a very busy organiser, Nicholas Beh.

Photos credits: Edmond, Simon and Cheong
*Apologies to those which we do not know the names.. :-)