Wednesday, May 23, 2001

FM Players Championship April 2001 - Part 3

Mr. Cool Bobby Tham take on Nasu san from Japan.

Strategy discussion !!shhhh.......

Boozing Time!!!

Open Doubles final. Miqdad@Macdaddy and Ali@Popeye vs Our Malaysia Best pair Shaun P'ng@Japanese gal and Ng Eng Hwai@Old Man (Check out our best hairstyle player in the tournament, Jock)

Foosers from Penang..... From Left up, Khoo Teng Boon, Paul, Joel (check out the grips, is it for sale Joel?), Nick, Shaun Boy and sesat from Negeri Sembilan Bobby Tham.

Paul trying his luck on Junko.....

From Left, McDaddy(Miqdad), Cyrus the Virus, Ricky Ong Poh Seng, Paul, Jerry, Amoodi and ermmm.... is it Hilal or something...sorry!!

Check out Thomas' t-shirt (for your information it is for sale, interested please contact Thomas)

Photo credits: Edmond. Simon, Cheong and Paul.

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