Thursday, June 7, 2001

Mike Vale's Farewell

The guys... from left: Jerry, Simon, Danny and Thomas.

Good buddies.... Revelino and Mike Vale.

One final chance for Reve to trash Mike before he leaves for UK.

Ahhhh... Jock da main man of Barcode... I wonder who's that behind him.

Mikey waiting for the next game.... Mohan intense concentration...

Revelino Shah in a game. Wei... Reve... give us a call man...

Reve... taking one last pix with Mike.

Ahhh... the gang... nuff said.

Fabian the porn star (blame this on Noel, he force me to write this). In the background, is Danny the nanny... in his own blissful world listening to a walkman.

Reve with Mike behind him having a not-so-friendly game with Joanne and Aunnie.

Photo credits: Mr Rayfish Ng.

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