Friday, January 25, 2002

WOW!!! Foosball At Todd Loffredo's House

Hussein in Todd Loffredo's house. Hussein... we so envy you lah... :-)

The following is an extract from the email he sent me:
"I managed to meet Todd Loffredo last weekend. I went to his house and played foosball for couple of hours before going for a BYP in a town about 2 hours drive from here Columbus, Ohio. The tournament was unexpectedly big because they knew he was coming. 
We had more than 20 teams and I partnered an old timer... There's a big tournament going on right now in Kentuky (4 days tournament) but I couldn't go because I've got exams and stuff like that but it's alright. I've already bought my tickets to Las Vegas and booked my room in the Riviera Hotel :) 
I've already told those guys about meeting Loffredo but I just had the instant pic his friend, Lisa Pride,  took for us scanned so I thought about sending it to you. Have a good day." - Amoodi
Hussein, we are sure you have played a few games with the grand master.... let us know what it feels like. Did he give any tips? Share with us man... :-)

Photo credits: Lisa Pride 

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