Sunday, February 23, 2003

Toshiba Foosball Challenge 2003

Albert Cheok deep in concentration.

Ben Neo trying his best to get the jersey.

4 on 4 game on the Torpedo.

Albert Cheok getting some English Premier League goodies.

There... he's got it... :-)

Pietro, Cyrus, Albert Cheok, organiser Henry Long and Ben Neo for a group pix.

Dancers performing in on stage.

Doesn't that look like the three men bar?

Ben taking a break.

More dancing. Shak'in up baby now... come on.. and twist n shout...

Erra Fazira, one of Malaysia's most talented singer, performs for the crowd.

Erra Fazira, u da best!!

Erra Fazira woos her fans.

Erra Fazira in her groove.

Kok Aun quiz on the English Premier League by Erra Fazira.

Did he get the answers right?

Erra Fazira and her dancers... professional!

Them watching the dance or the foosball game... ?

More of Erra and her dancers.

Erra... give us more...

Cyrus, Pat and Kok Aun.

One of the Toshiba Premier League promoters.... Michelle?

Another  Toshiba Premier League promoter.

Pat and she.

Leo having a game with Simon.

Albert and Robert... the two berts... :-)

Robert and Pietro... checking out the Torpedo Table.

Albert and Leo... celebrating?

Leo and Albert in mortal combat!!!

Groupie... Edmond, Robert, Cheong, Ryan, Lucy and Pietro.

Simon and Albert fighting for the Toshiba TV... Henry Long looking on.

Michelle.... my belle...

Leo and Michelle.

"I did it again" Albert Cheok receiving the Toshiba TV from organiser Henry Long.

And more goodies for Albert Cheok.

Leo congratulating Albert.

The participants... and the promoter... :-P

Another one....

A view from the top of the competition area.

Another angle...

Well... another...

More of the competition area...

Some more...

Some shoppers trying out the game.

Now... they are getting into it...

Forget shopping... lets foos.

In deep concentration...


Looking at one of the Toshiba Premier League promoters.

Ahh... the guy providing the music and the groove... the DJ.

Photo credits: Leo

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