Friday, October 26, 2001

A Minor Point of View

After watching the recent Foosball Malaysia Central Region Tournament, I am going out on a limb to say that Mikey Tan and Ong Poh Seng have the stuff of Champions. The rest of you foosers, better watch out... LOL.

In terms of "points" they are still quite far behind, and that should not be a deterrent but rather an impetus for them to strive forward. Take Sean P’ng, for example, with fierce determination and hard work, he swept to the top of the points in less than a year.

During the Mild Seven Nationals 2000, Kevin Heng was touted to be the next person to repeat Sean P’ng’s feat. Can someone let me know where is “Aerial King” Kevin Heng… LOL. Anyway, I am glad to see that he will be back to defend his Single’s Title at this year’s Mild Seven Nationals.
To be fair to the up and coming foosers, I must mention that points gained or lost are dependent on the number of tournaments sanctioned by Foosball Malaysia. And this year has seen fewer tournaments than the year before.

Well, what I heard from the “grapevine” is that volunteer organizers were busy and hardly appreciated for their efforts, which is of course very de-motivating. Lets remember to give them a break and thank them for their effort and their much-needed support for the sport of foosball in Malaysia.

Lets recognise some of the foosers whom have helped in the organising of foosball tournaments (sanctioned and non-sanctioned) in 2001: CMMAK, Nick, Bobby Tham, Alex Chong, Albert Cheok, Cyrus Foo, June, Raymond Kan, Edgar and Simon.

Sponsors: Alex Hing, Mild Seven, Foosball Malaysian, Disney Ace and Expressions.
(If you think I left anyone out, PLEASE do me the honour of adding their names below.)

This coming Mild Seven Nationals 2001 should be very interesting. There will be renewed competitiveness, new challenges, old rivalries and intense foosing!!! And I wish you all good luck and may the best fooser wins!

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