Thursday, September 27, 2001

A Chat with Link Pendley of Valley-Dynamo and Jimmy of Expression

From left: Simon, Jimmy and Link.

During the 2001 April Foosball Malaysia Championship, we had an opportunity to chat with Link Pendley of Valley-Dynamo and Jimmy of Expression and Breakers fame.

Link Pendley was down in Malaysia to promote speed pool throughout the country. And fortunately for us, Jimmy and Link took the opportunity presented by FM Championship to make an announcement about the VIFA league to all the players.

We had a few question for Link and Jimmy and here's what they said.

Q: Are you first of all a fooser?

Link: Yes, I started playing back in 1967 and the first foosball table I played on was the Deutschmeister (spelling?) in Germany. It used to cost 10 cents per game.

Jimmy: Yes, on the Lowen... and that was 6 years back in Modesto's KL. Two years after playing on Lowen, I started on the Tornado and been on both table since.

Q: Link, what are your vision for promoting foosball in Asia? Singapore or Japan?
Since Malaysia has the largest player base in this region, it is naturally our plan to reach out to the neighbouring countries through here. But there are a few legislative and marketing issues that need to be overcomed first. For instance, in Singapore, an entertainment outlet is only allowed to place a single coin-operated game machine. And since there is a bigger pool players base, these establishments would rather choose a pool table over a foosball table.

Our international marketing strategies has always been to partner with local coin-op games operators who are interested. These operators are usually well established and very familar with local market conditions.

As for Japan, I have just had a discussion Joe Ueno of Japan Foosball Club and we will continue after this.

Q: What about promoting foosball and expanding the player base further in Malaysia?

Jimmy: We have already placed foosball tables in Colleges like Taylor's, Sunway and Inti. This will hopefully increase the player base further.