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A Foosball Community

"Foosball.info" was created to encourage foosers to share their foosball skills and knowledge, have fun and make friends.

We hope that all players will participate to make this site a successful online community. We know that there are plenty of great foosball sites all over the world. But not that much in the Asian region. Distinguished asian sites like Foosball Malaysia (now defunct) and The Japan Foosball Club (now defunct) are instrumental in promoting foosball in their respective countries by organising healthy competitions and local DYPs.

Malaysians are lucky enough to have an annual national foosball event that is sponsored by Mild Seven. Started in the early 1990s, foosball have come a long way since then in this country. With Foosball Malaysia's bi-annual Player's Championship, foosball has now a strong footing here, with players from UAE, Japan and Belgium participating.

Oh, btw, we are looking for volunteers who may want to help contribute articles, their personal experiences. So, if you would like to participate, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Article Contributors:
  • Ong Choong Leo
  • Oliver Yong
  • Pietro Felix
  • Din Syazman Isham
  • Larry Davis
  • Pat Goff
  • Samuel Zade
Photo Contributors:
  • John Lim
  • Ray Ng
  • Edmond Ng
  • Simon Lim
  • Cheong Heng Ho
  • Hussein Amoodi
  • Paul Ooi
  • Cyrus Foo
  • Shaun P'ng
  • Andy Lim
  • Ben Tan
  • Noel Ho
  • Ong Choong Leo
  • Sara Siow
  • Alex Ooi
Technical Support:
  • Noel Ho


  1. Hello, I can contribute something to fooser community, but I don't know who to contact etc. If there is anyone who can help me with that, please reply on this comment!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Tomaz, let me know what you would like to do. Send a note me at blogineer[at]gmail.com. Thanks.

    2. Just sent you an email :)

      Kind Regards,