Thursday, February 22, 2001

A French Foosball Table

Looks impressive right? That is a Tornado Ball there... :-)

A view from the goalie area.

A perspective shot of the table on a table... :-P

A top view of the table.

Side view.

The french table placed on top of a "real" tornado table for size comparison. The dude standing there is a colleague of mine... he's just there to show a little comparison between a player and the table. You can choose to ignore him... LOL.

The back of the french table leaning on a "real" tornado table... :-)

Tokyo Foosing Par Excellence Part 2

At A-SIDE Amusement Bar

Hiroshi partners Ryohei in a double game.

Me and Hiroshi having a tough game with two young up and coming players.

Can't remember most of the players' names, but that guy on the left in a flowery shirt is Eto, the Bossman of A-Side.

The guy on the left is Chris Chan, the man who made it possible for me to be there in Tokyo, having a light moment with Joe.

Some Photos by Joe Ueno's Sony Digital Camera!!!

Tokyo Foosball Par Excellence Part 1

At Billards Jack

From Left: Junko, Nasu, Hiroshi, me, can't remember this guy's name, Junko, Ryohei, Joe, ouch.. can't remember these guys names as well... sorry.

This is what Joe Ueno has to say about Junko and Yoko (left to right), "but oh boy... Yoko & Junko is always like this, it's very fun to be with them".

Ahhh... fantastic Barbecue at a Korean Restaurant below Billard Jack. From left: Hidero, Nasu, Hiroshi and Ryohei.

Ryohei setting up a push-kick?

Joe and Ryohei versus Junko and Yoko.

Some Photos by Joe Ueno's Sony Digital Camera!!!

Mild Seven Foosball Players' Championship

Some photos from the MildSeven Foosball Player's Championship 1999 organised by Foosball Malaysia in Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Hidero and Joe duking it out with Ben and Ray.

Joe, Ryohei, Hiroshi and Hidero with Ben, Junior and Ah Boy.

Joe and Ben.

Joe and Anna.

Photo Credits: Ben Tan & Friends

Foosball Malaysia Players' Championship

Foosball Malaysia Players' Championship at the Penang Berjaya Georgetown Resort (Oct 99)

The 2nd tournament organised by Foosball Malaysia (FM) held in beautiful Penang was another success with more than 120 players participating. Results and more photos of the championship can be obtained from FM web site.

From left - Sara, Aunnie, Alison and Anna.

From left - Emad, Saeed & Miqdad of UAE with the some of the players.

The Rookie Champion and Rookie Doubles Champion - Alex Ooi and Noel Ho.

From left - Kevin, Chew Peng, Alison, Henry, Anna, Ben, Boy & Saeed having dinner at one of the yummy Penang restaurant.

From left - Saeed, Ben & Emad taking a break.

Photo Credits: Henry Long & Alison Francis

Friends from UAE

Check out our friends from UAE with compliments from Saeed.

Wow... "Terry Moore" Emad partnering with a friend in a game of foos. Check out those guys in the background, getting ready to start a game... Cool!!!

Woah... look at Mr "Cool" Saeed waiting for Abdul Rahman to brick the opponent's snake or is it front pin!!!??