Thursday, November 16, 2000

Interview with Ng Eu Hock

Brief Introduction
Ng Eu Hock or Boy as he is popularly known, is currently ranked by
Foosball Malaysia as the number one player in Malaysia. As a player, many knows his lightning pull shot and power five-men. Adaptive to many different game plays, he's versatile and agile.

Name Ng Eu Hock (Ah Boy)
Age 21
Occupation Junior Film Editor
Favourite Quote "come on...."

Q: How many years have you been playing foosball? How many years in Malaysia?
4 years. I started playing since end of 1995.. in Malaysia.
Q: What major competition have you participated in?
I played in all competitions that were held in the Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur. To name a few; Time Out Open 95, Carlsberg Open 96, Lowen Challenge 97, National Open 97 & 98, Molecule Open, Foosball Malaysia Open 98, and… I forgot... hehehe.
Q: What is your highest achievement so far?
I feel that all have been a great achievement for me since in Malaysia there is not much of foosball competitions. Well, firstly, I played in a Lowen competition in 97 which I got 2nd and won myself a trip to Europe for an open tournament which is in Slovenia... and some tour around Germany and Holland.

Secondly, was the Mild Seven National Championship in 97, which I felt was really good because it was my 1st major competiton after the trip to Europe. I won the singles and 2nd for doubles with my partner Kenny Lee. After which we got to play in the World Championship 97 in Dallas, U.S.A. I played with my idol Don Swan, Todd Loffredo and many more... It was a fully paid trip by our kind sponsors Mild Seven.

I think another biggie I won would be the one (Foosball Malaysia's Players' Championship - Kuala Lumpur) recently where I beat the currently world ranked number 17th, Mr. Miqdad Suwaidi from U.A.E. (Wow... that was a real great experience... cold sweat... b’coz I was in the loser’s bracket.) … hehehehe…..

Q: If you have only one advice for a novice player, what would it be?
I guess it will be… stick to one powerful shot and practice, practice… hehehe (I think so.)
Q: Which do you prefer, Singles or Doubles? And why?
Hmm… I think Singles, because I get to play all by myself and I’m more confident… and also more challenging, fast and play a smarter game… everything is thought out by myself.
Q: Can you let our readers know how you started playing foosball? What do you remember most about that first game?
I started when I first hung out with my friends in a pub at Bandar Utama. Then started seeing people playing, shouting and I just tried playing it; where at that time was all spinning the rod. Just got hooked up like that… until now.
Q: Have you ever played or attended the World Championship held in USA? What was it like?
Yes, in 1997. It was really great to be there. For me it was like a dream come true where the players I used to see on the (video) tapes just popped up in front of me, and I’m like, "That is Don Swan, Todd… Terry Moore… and hell lots more of good players man... of course the main thing i saw was the huge ballroom where there were 200 tables lining up ready to be played by players and a grandstand for fans… big stage filled with trophies, huge TV monitors with "live coverage", stalls selling t-shirts and a lot more….
Q: Where do you play foosball most of the time? And when? (Cause our readers may want to come and chat or duke it out with you.)
Anywhere there are foosers and good table… weekends at nite... maybe Gizmo or HotSurf… tell me where else to play… hehehehe.
Q: I know this is difficult to answer, but who do you think is the best all-round Malaysian player? And why?
Don’t laugh... Me... i guess... why...?? Experience, match composure, self confidence, and never say die attitude… (hehhehehe… all this is what I think of myself).
Q: And lastly, how do your family members or loved ones feel about you playing foosball?
Hehehe… going for another trip?? Hehe... where U.S or Europe?? That is the 1st question from my dad. My mum will ask me how much you won this time… They fully support whatever I do as long I’m happy and enjoying life!!!

Originally Posted: 17th November 1999

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