Friday, November 16, 2001

Mild Seven Foosball Challenge 2001 - Results

I have finally tabulated the results with the Prize money. If you want to know where's the money... you have to ask Shaul!!! He is da man this year with a total winnings of RM4750. Edgar Phang follows with a total winning of RM2250. Way to go guys!

Champion of Champion

Singles - Shaul (Lowen) RM1000
Doubles - Shaul & Edgar Phang (Lowen)

Tornado SinglesRM1500 - 1st Joel Michael
RM1000 - 2nd Raymond Tang
RM800   - 3rd Ng Eng HwaiRM600  - 4th Khoo Teng BoonRM400  - 5th Shaun Pn'gRM300  - 6th CM MakRM200  - 7th Jerry ChangRM100  - 8th Bobby Tham

Tornado DoublesRM2500 - 1st Ong Poh Seng & Raymond KanRM2000 - 2nd Mohan Tanabalan & Oliver YongRM1500 - 3rd Jack Hii & Cyrus FuRM1000 - 4th Bobby Tham & Ng Eu Hock (Ah Boy)RM800  - 5th Shaun P'ng & Lim Yen SengRM600   - 6th Raymond Tang & Chin Teik EngRM200  - 7th Ng Eng Hwai & Mohd AriffRM100  - 8th Pietro & Megat

Lowen SinglesRM1500 - 1st ShaulRM1000 - 2nd FirdarusRM800  - 3rd Loo See BeeRM600  - 4th ShaimiRM400  - 5th Syazman

Lowen DoublesRM2500 - 1st Shaul & Edgar PhangRM2000 - 2nd Lai Peng Yue & John ChinRM1500 - 3rd Benny & Win HoongRM1000 - 4th Raymond Fong & Gary JansenRM800  - 5th Zulkarnain & Shaimi

Ladies SinglesRM800 - 1st Aunnie TehRM400 - 2nd Pui Kang YuenRM200 - 3rd Azalea

League ChampionRM2000 - 1st Muja's (CM Mak, Cyrus Fu, Pietro Felix & Michael Lee)RM1200 - 2nd Slam (Anyone knows who are the team members?)RM800  - 3nd Tidal Wave (Anyone knows who are the team members?)

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