Friday, November 16, 2001

The Road to Tornado Double Victory - Mild Seven Foosball Challenge 2001

Raymond Kan and Ong Poh Seng's first match saw this champion team pitting themselves against Sean Yeap & Thomas Lok. Afterwhich, they played against Edwin Ng & Kelvin Yeang. Meanwhile, Bobby Tham & Eu Hock (Ah Boy) had just scored a win over Raymond Tang & Teik Eng, to meet Raymond Kan & Poh Seng in the next round. Oliver & Mohan had just wrapped their game with Shaun P'ng & Lim Yen Seng to meet Jack Hii and Cyrus Fu.

The fight for the winners bracket saw an intense battle between Oliver & Mohan and Raymong & Poh Seng, with the former coming out on top. Raymond Kan and Poh Seng had to wait for the loser bracket to fight itself out. It was down to the fight for 5th and 6th placing. Jack Hii & Cyrus Fu just managed a very close win over Raymond Tang & Teik Eng to meet Bobby Tham & Eu Hock (Ah Boy) whom had also just managed a win over Shaun P'ng & Lim Yen Seng, to fight for the 3rd/4th placing. Raymond Kan & Poh Seng's wait was over. They dispatched Jack Hii & Cyrus to play in the finals against Oliver & Mohan.

The finals was intense, Raymond & Poh Seng had to beat Oliver & Mohan two sets of best of three games to take the Tornado Double Championship. The first set was easily won by Raymond & Poh Seng, with Raymond stopping Mohan's thunderous and flawless Pull Shot. The last set saw each team winning a game each, which made the next and final game, the critical one for both teams. As Poh Seng fumbles with his Pull shot, Oliver and Mohan pulled a switch with Mohan in the goals and Oliver in the offense. It was a goal for goal match after that!!!

Just as Poh Seng made it 4-3, Oliver delivered a smashing five-men to even the score at 4-4. Poh Seng had his shot blocked on the next serve with Mohan gaining possession. Wisely, Mohan called a time-out. After time-in, Mohan sized up his shot with a rolling push-kick on the two men, rolling the ball up to the second man and delivering a powerful shot towards the goal. The ball hit the goal post centimeters from victory, which allowed Raymond to gain possession on the re-bound and in a quick one-two, delivered the ball into the opponents goal!

The crowd went wild!!! Kudos to the players for giving us this wonderful match to watch which will be remembered down the annals of foosball.

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