Thursday, September 5, 2002

Are We Doing Enough?

Byline: Pietro Felix.

Ever notice how the general discussion at every foosing session or competition usually lands about "there are not enough players", "there are not enough female players" or "there are not enough players who want to play in competition". Sounds familiar. And all of us always talk about trying to get new players to come and play. I must admit that some of you guys actually kept to your word. Kudos to you. But what about the rest of us.

Here is the main thing. We all go out and play foosball and it is a passion to us. Think about that first time when you knew this was the game of your dreams and all the events that lead to it. If we can get everyone to feel that way then awesome. But easier said than done.

I think that some of us started early in the game and therefore are more advanced than most players and some people just give it up after they can't beat you after awhile. SO what do we do?!

The main problem that I personally see is that most of us talk to newbies and try and teach but there is usually no follow through. What is another reason most of us play even though we keep loosing after 2 games? It's called friendship and feeling that you belong to something. That is the key! You can teach all you want to someone you met over a foosball table. You can have a beer with them in a club. Then what happens after the night is over. That person disappears. I think you guys know what I am getting at. The idea here is not just to get that person interested in the game but also feels that they have joined our foosing family. Most of us are not so hardworking to invite people we have just met and ask them to join an existing group of fooser friends. Well if we all think this way then we are screwed.

Secondly, I was looking at our new Malaysian Foosball website and I noticed that it's the same people that are on the website. So here is another suggestion.... The moment we see someone playing or even remotely interested in the game, we give them the websites. They may not want to talk to us a lot over the table but if we can make them remember the website addresses and they come in, at some point of their young life, it might generate the interests a little bit more. SO the next time you see someone foosing and  you end up having a word or 2 with them just mentioned the website. I think our webmasters have been great in generating these sites for us. But I think when they created it they had more in mind than just a place for us to chit chat... it should be a tool that all foosers should use to promote the game to everyone they know.

Can we print flyers. Get someone to design a little A4 black and white flyer promoting the website. I can photostat the flyers in my office if you guys want.

I think all of us can do our little part if we try.

It's not how you play the game, it's who you play it with!

Pietro Felix
"foos or lose"

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