Tuesday, October 29, 2002

ESPN STAR Sports Asian Foosball Tournament Malaysia 2002

Photo credits: Noel Ho.

Alex Hing and Albert Cheok waiting for their game to start.

A friendly game between players on the two Tornado tables (home unit).

Kevin Chang and Raymond Tang partners each other to get a feel of the table.

Another friendly game to get a feel for the table.

At the organiser's table: Cyrus, Nick Beh, Wilfred Foo and Simon.

Check out this exotic dance of passion... LOL... Alex and Eu Hock in cloud 9.

From left: Kevin Chang, Ray Ng, Alex Chong, Jack and Albert Cheok.

At the registration desk: Levindra (hoped I spelt it correctly) and Simon of ESPN Star Sports.

Sara making faces... come on girl, smile lah!!!

CM Mak and Oliver at the registration desk with Levindra and Simon.

Jack and Chia Soo, yo wake up dude!!!

Ray Ng, Kevin Chang and Jack.

A game about to start for Sean Yeap and Noel Ho with Oliver officiating.

Michael Lee and Edmund Ng.

Lovely couple, Wan Yee and Sunil.

Another lovely couple, Sara and Eu Hock.

Azlan, Michael and Robert.

Kim and Eu Hock.

Wilfred making a pre-game announcement.

The finals between Raymond Tang and Nick Beh versus Eng Hwai and Sean P'ng.

The final game, with CM Mak officiating.

And on the opposite side, Oliver Yong kept a watchful eye.

Wan Yee, Jack and Ryan Felix.

Alex Chong, Bernard and Jack.

Albert Cheok, Jack (this guy is everywhere!!!) and Alex Hing

Wilfred Foo... peace brother!!!

The Foofighters: Cyrus and Wilfred Foo, and CM Mak and Joanne Seaton.

Sean Yeap, sleepy Robert and Ray Ng.

Jack, Michael, Noel, Edmund Ng, Ray Ng, Sean Yeap and Junior.

Eng Hwai, Ah Hian, Leo, Heng Ho, Sean P'ng, Jack and Ray Ng.

Raymond Tang, Nick Beh and Jack

WASSSuuupppp Sunil!!!

Teik Eng, Jack, Ah Hian and Cyrus.

Bill Cooper giving out the 2nd Runner Prizes to Cyrus and Teik Eng.

Bill Cooper giving out the 1st Runner Prizes to Nick Beh and Raymond Tang.

Bill Cooper giving out the Champion Prizes to Sean P'ng and Eng Hwai.

A group picture of some of the players.

A group picture of the winners!!!

Booze... more booze.. :-)

Jana and Ah Hian

Happy Birthday... CM Mak!!

"Here Ryan, try some," Joanne insisted.

Another lovely couple, Ryan and Lisa.

Lowen Doubles partner, Edgar Phang and Chia Soo with Ben Neo and Joanne.

Another lovely pair, June and July... oops.. Teik Eng.

After the tournament, Jack taking picture with the organisers, Simon and Wilfred.

Likewise, Edwin Ng taking a picture with Simon and Wilfred.

Sharing a light moment... Noel Ho, Alex Hing and Alex Chong.

Junior and Levindra outside Matrix.

Yum, yum... Raymond Tang, Sean P'ng, Eng Hwai and Ah Hian.

The owner of The Matrix... getting his hands dirty cooking up a storm... :-)

The oldies but goodies: Jack, CM Mak, Ben Neo and Alex Chong.

Albert Cheok going hysterical.

Sisters: Kathy and Sally, hello cousins!!!

Behind the scene: Simon and Wilfred hard at work dismantling the foosball table. (Btw, that's Leo there NOT lending a hand, but nevertheless providing moral support.. :-)

Wilfred removing a foosball man.

Simon removing the "pin" from the foosball man.

Hey guys, don't forget the other table... :-P

"Keep your hand to yourself Oli!!"

After the foosball tournament, Song Wei of CBFA (China Foosball Association) arrived!

Young fooser, Joel Hii.

Brother and sister, Joel and Nicole Hii.

Tournament Results:

Champion: Sean P'ng and Ng Eng Hwai
1st Runner Up: Raymond Tang and Nick Beh
2nd Runner Up: Cyrus Foo and Teik Eng

Champion: Pietro Felix and Ryan Felix
1st Runner Up: Alex Chong and Kevin Chang

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