Wednesday, May 23, 2001

FM Players Championship April 2001 - Part 2

Sean Yeap sucking on ice during his break... and guess who is watching from behind... Mohan lah... LOL!!

Oops not ready... Joe Ueno and Shaun P'ng getting ready for a pix.

Now they are ready!!!

From left: Simon Lim interviewing Jimmy of Breakers and Link Pendley of Valley Dynamo paused for a photo shoot.

Lovely couple... Cheryl and Alex Hing.

Another lovely couple, Mr and Mrs Mak with cool dude Joooeeeellll.

Lim Yen Seng taking a break on one of the couch...

Then he's up and foosing with fisherman Ray Ng.

Photo credits: Edmond, Simon and Cheong.

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