Saturday, March 16, 2002

Shaun P'ng at the World Championship 1999

Shaun P'ng, after much persuasion, decides to share some of the photographs he took when he was at the Worlds. These photographs were taken on the night before the tournament.

Shaun P'ng and Frederico Collignon.

Can you guys see Miqdad?

The night before the rumble! Check out those rows of new Tornado Tables.

Another angle of the rows foosball tables.

Miqdad,  Frederico and their partners have a doubles game.

The same game from a different angle.

Shaun P'ng partnering Robert Mares look-a-like in a doubles game.

Shaun P'ng and fellow fooser (Ccan someone tell me her name? Thks).

Shaun P'ng and Robert Mares look-a-like.

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