Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Fools Balls???

Byline: Leo.

As foosers, how many times have you gone through a moment where you hear "Foosball?? Huh?? What is it?? Oh…table soccer you mean" or something along those lines? Foosball is a sport that never fails to surprise or bring about a host of funny looks when you mention to someone the many aspects of the game. Here are some recollections of the things I've heard people say when it comes to making acquaintance with foosball:

"Fooshball?? What??"
"What you mean this thing has National Finals??"
"Oh…you mean that game with balls all over the table?" (Hmm…)

This simply goes to show that there’s way much more we can do in order to promote this game. How??? Start with bringing them near a table and asking them to watch if they refuse to participate. Believe me, no matter how much they despise the game as spectators, addiction is simply just a few games away. Later, let them take over and play while you excuse yourself to the gents/ladies etc. The starting point is when they are able to score and make their first pull/push shot with later echoes from the sound of aluminum. From then on, as many old time foosers will put it, the saying "There goes my life savings" will be a familiar term.

Then again…there's also the ignorant crowd that needs to know that such a game exists as depicted by this real life situation I faced as I was studying for my exams two days before the National Finals this year (You need the foosball t-shirt to know what I’m writing about). I was taking a break from books when I walked up to my friend who introduced me to two of his friends.

During the introduction, he told his friends that I was going to play in the National Finals for foosball. The girl asked what foosball is and I tried to explain to her by telling her how a table looks like. "Oh, you mean the ping-pong machine???" were her exact words that left me speechless. Out of words, I pointed at the logo on the t-shirt I was wearing only to hear her reply "Oh, I thought it was a fire hydrant. I didn’t know it was a man. Wow, are you a body builder?"

Perhaps many of you are not that "lucky" to have been entertained by such experiences but it's these things that really say foosball is still an unknown sport to many. So it is here that I'll begin writing some articles in my aim to promote the game. Let's hope we're not viewed as a bunch of fools rigging out their savings on some balls...;) Happy Fools-Balling!!!

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