Thursday, November 16, 2000

Interview with Alex Chong

Brief Introduction
Alex Chong is very active in foosball in Malaysia. He is one of the senior players contributing to the growth of the game. He has organised a number of major foosball tournaments in Malaysia and has spent time touring the country promoting the sport. (He was the first guy that showed me the Snake/Rollover... and I thought that it was illegal back in 1996. Silly me... :-) Many players see Alex as the first Snake shooter in Malaysia. And many still have learnt from him.
Name Alex Chong
Age 38
Occupation Senior Operation Executive
Favourite Quote "... see how you are going to stop that shot"

Q: How many years have you been playing foosball? How many years in Malaysia?
17 years now. In Malaysia, about 4 years.
Q: What major competition have you participated in?
Danish Light Foosball Competition 1997, Mild Seven National Championship 1997, World Championship 1997 (Dallas, Texas) and Foosball Malaysia Players' Championship 1999 (Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur).
Q: What is your highest achievement so far?
That I have contributed to the rise of foosball in Malaysia and the birth of Wasteland's foosballers (Note: Wasteland Pub used to produce the best young foosball players in Malaysia). The rest is history. (Smiles)
Q: If you have only one advice for a novice player, what would it be?
It would be, "If you have the desire in your heart to play this game, you'll surely improve."
Q: Which do you prefer, Singles or Doubles? And why?
I like both categories. Single is a test of your all round skills, more complete, both has a defender and striker. The doubles is fun 'cos you have a team mate to discuss strategies, someone to share your joy of victory and the agony of defeat.
Q: Can you let our readers know how you started playing foosball? What do you remember most about that first game?
I started playing foosball in 1982 in Toronto, Canada (around Windsor and London areas of Ontario, Canada) on the Styker(spelling?) Table. And the most memorable thing was that we used to beat the local there, as well as making a lot of new friends... (Smiles)
Q: Have you ever played or attended the World Championship held in USA? What was it like?
Yes, in 1997. It was an eye-opener. From there I get to meet the great Todd Loffredo and we spoke about techniques, styles, execution of shots as well as the phsychological aspects of the game. Did you know that Todd will go on a fast before competition day? He says it will make his mind more sharper.

Aside from the games, I went sight-seeing in Dallas, Texas. It's a nice city.

Q: Where do you play foosball most of the time? And when? (Cause our readers may want to come and chat or duke it out with you.)
At my home base in Cougar Pub, Bandar Sri Damansara, during the later part of the evenings on most weekdays. The weekend is strictly for family... :-)
Q: I know this is difficult to answer, but who do you think is the best all-round Malaysian player? And why?
I think it would be Tan Win Hin of Penang. He is versatile with all kinds of shots/passes. Fun to watch and fun to spar with. The rookies can develop and get creative on their own specialty from there on just by watching him play, and that's good for the game. Although he has not won any major competition, in my eyes, that's good enough reason to make him a valuable player.
Q: And lastly, how do your family members or loved ones feel about you playing foosball?
My family is behind me 100% in whatever I do... :-)

Originally Posted: 22nd November 1999

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