Thursday, November 16, 2000

Interview with Alex Ooi

Brief Introduction
'Young boy' as Alex Ooi is popularly known as, is a versatile and adaptive player. He plays well under pressure and knows just what to do at the critical moment. Alex is touted by Miqdad Suwaidi of UAE to be 'a promising forward whom I believe will soon be Malaysia's best forward'.

Name Alex Ooi
Age 18
Occupation Student
Favourite Quote 'Sorry but are you ready or not?”

Q: How many years have you been playing foosball? How many years in Malaysia?
1 year and 7 months.
Q: What major competition have you participated in?
Mild Seven Foosball Players' Championship in Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and Foosball Malaysia's Players' Championship in Berjaya Georgetown, Penang.
Q: What is your highest achievement so far?
Rookie Doubles (partner with Noel Ho) & Singles title during the Foosball Malaysia's Players' Championship in Berjaya Georgetown, Penang.
Q: If you have only one advice for a novice player, what would it be?
Treat it as a GAME but play it like a sport.
Q: Which do you prefer, Singles or Doubles? And why?
Both... different environment.
Q: Can you let our readers know how you started playing foosball? What do you remember most about that first game?
I dunno… I can’t really recall the first time I touched the table…. probably when I was er... 7. But I guess the most significant moment is at Zulu’s in Penang when I started shooting a push palm roll on my poor friend who knows nuts about foosball.
Q: Do you aspire to play or attend the World Championship held in USA?
Yeah why not? I am gonna go there to study sooner or later.
Q: Where do you play foosball most of the time? And when? (Cause our readers may want to come and chat or duke it out with you.)
Where ever and whenever the waves takes me.
Q: I know this is difficult to answer, but who do you think is the best all-round Malaysian player? And why?
Richard Perera. Why? You ask anyone around and I am sure they won’t disagree much with me.
Q: And lastly, how do your family members or loved ones feel about you playing foosball?
I don’t know… I am happy just as long as they don’t object to my early morning returns to the bird’s nest.

Originally Posted: 24th November 1999

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