Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Back Pin

Information about the Back-pin for Beginners The back-pin shot was very popular during the 70s & 80s on the Dynamo and Tournament Soccer Tables. It is not a very good shot to use on the Tornado Table due to the nature of the table design. However, some players have gone to the extend of "filing" the Tornado's "men's feet" to adapt it for back-pin shot. The main reason for it's lack of popularity is it's lack of execution speed which is why it is used more on the goalie 3-men than the forward 3-men.
There are two ways of executing the back-pin: palm and wrist. I would suggest you choose one way and stick with it.
  • naturally setup to execute the "brush" series of shots
  • the ability to "dribble" the ball by "pinning" the ball down makes the shot dangerous
  • the ability to fake opponents out with a fake series
  • the ability to transform into other shots like push-kick, pull-kick or tic-tac
  • cannot shoot a straight goal
  • lack of execution speed on the Tornado 3-men (or is it just me... =)
What the back-pin really needs is someone to use it to win a World Championship... then we should see the numbers of back-pin users increase, just like it's alter-ego, the front-pin.

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