Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Pull Kick

Information about the Pull-kick for Beginners The Pull Kick has always been a shot that is easy to execute on any foosball table, but depending on whether you use wrist or palm technique, the accuracy and speed varies. This shot is mostly used as a secondary backup shot rather than a primary shot.
There are two ways of executing the shot: palm or wrist. I would suggest you choose wrist for mastery, as you can control the speed of execution and speed of the ball. All you need is practice... :-)
  • easy to setup and learn for beginners
  • there are 5 holes opened to a pull-kick shot at any one time as suppose to 7 scoring opportunities depending on the defense.
  • natural ability to transform into other shots like tic-tac, pull shot, etc.
  • compared to the push-kick, the pull-kick depends on the palm technique to control the "squaring-off" or "spraying" of ball shot on a goal
  • very tough to recoil on a "deadman" (but then again, do you need to?)

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