Thursday, November 16, 2000

Interview with William Yiong

Brief Introduction
"Palm shot" William has to be the one and only 300km/h palm shot shooter in Malaysia or maybe the World! A real easy going guy with a mouth built for foosball, he can also talked you to death while playing; either that or you will be laughing till your tummy ache or loose with a smile on your face!

Editor's note: A lot of vulgarities have been edited out for safe consumption.

Name William Yiong
Age 21
Occupation Business Development Executive
Favourite Quote "Lep Chot Ar. (Good shot)"

Q: How many years have you been playing foosball? How many years in Malaysia?
I started foosball in mid of 1996. Venue?.. I guess it will be Wasteland Pub Damansara Utama. I played with Boy, Oliver, Kenny, Junior and the rest of the gang. It was really a different ball game at that time. Fun is the actual word.
Q: What major competition have you participated in?
1997, I played the Mild Seven Nationals Championship. I only managed to play the first game and lost BADLY. Luckily back then, each entry is inclusive of a cigarette, beer and a t-shirt. It was worth the RM15.00 of my pocket money. Dynasty was the highlight of a new ball game for me. I met a lot of foosers. It was real fun. I never had the chance to win anything, but I guess the most important thing is I enjoyed the game.
Q: What is your highest achievement so far?
NONE! But if u count points, 9-0... is that high enough for you? Hahahaha
Q: If you have only one advice for a novice player, what would it be?
Do not be afraid of my 300km/h shot!. It will kill ya! Don’t be afraid to play any good player, they are bound to give u tips on how to be a good fooser.
Q: Which do you prefer, Singles or Doubles? And why?
Singles, I can control the game as how to I want it to be. Ya know!
Q: Can you let our readers know how you started playing foosball? What do you remember most about that first game?
Si beh chia lat... let me see… once upon a time, I went to Wasteland with Fatboyslim, a BANG was heard shortly after I arrived. So look see look see at the table, I see the good players play. So I got addicted to it... I start to take out my life saving and learn to play the game. I remember when I played my very first game, I was so stoned. I don’t know what to do, just got my butt thrashed!. It took me about a few games before I got the hang of it. Then the rest is all history. That is when I learned PUMP!.. the 300km/h shot!
Q: Do you aspire to play or attend the World Championship held in USA?
I wish and if I can (if u have the chance don’t u think u would too!) – aiyo.. what kind of a question is that.. next please.. hahahahaha
Q: Where do you play foosball most of the time? And when? (Cause our readers may want to come and chat or duke it out with you.)
Where there is a Tornado table, and if they open early, I will be there playing or training. Hotsurf is one of my favorite choice. Coz the tables there veli cun (very good tables)!. Hahahahaha
Q: I know this is difficult to answer, but who do you think is the best all-round Malaysian player? And why?
Wah, like that ar.. Ah Boy, he is the person I look up upon for foosball. He used to beat me FLAT! But now with my patented 300km/h shot, it is a different ball game!.
Q: And lastly, how do your family members or loved ones feel about you playing foosball?
No one knows actually. I play the sport for interest and pleasure?

Originally Posted: 6th December 1999

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