Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Front Pin

Information about the Front-pin for Beginners The front-pin shot like the back-pin was very popular during the 70s & 80s on the Dynamo and Tournament Soccer Tables, etc. It is gaining popularity again and it is all because of a Belgian player named Federico Collignon when he won the 1999 World Championship. Collignon sent a frightening message to the world foosball community (which is dominated by the 'pull shot' and the 'snake') with his front-pin.
There are two ways of executing the front-pin: palm and wrist. I would suggest you choose one way and stick with it.
  • tough to execute the 'brush' series of shots but it has one advantage over the back-pin, which is that it can shoot a straight goal 
  • the ability to 'dribble' the ball by 'pinning' the ball down makes the shot dangerous
  • the ability to fake opponents out with a fake series
  • the ability to transform into other shots like push-kick, pull-kick or tic-tac
  • very effective whether if you are playing forward and goalie
  • cannot think of any, except that it is VERY difficult to learn and be really good in it.

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